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ICAONameMunicipalityCountryIata Code
LB33Leskovo AirportLeskovoBulgaria
LB34Stefanovo AirportStefanovoBulgaria
LB35Golyama Smolnitsa AirportSmolnitsaBulgaria
LB36Sokolovo AirportSokolovoBulgaria
LB37Stanke Dimitrov Highway StripBoboshevoBulgaria
LB38Mustrak AirportMustrakBulgaria
LB39Graf Ignatievo South AirportGraf IgnatievoBulgaria
LBVDVidin Smurdan AirfieldVidinBulgariaVID
LBPLDolna Mitropoliya Air BaseDolna MitropoliyaBulgariaPVN
LB42Kamenets AirportKamenetsBulgaria