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ICAONameMunicipalityCountryIata Code
SA26Bella Vista AirportBella VistaArgentina
SA29Choele Choel AirportChoele ChoelArgentina
SA30Colonia Catriel AirportColonia CatrielArgentinaCCT
SA31San Nicolas De Los Arroyos AirportSan NicolasArgentina
SA32Venado Tuerto AirportVenado TuertoArgentina
SA33Comandante Luis Piedrabuena AirportComandante Luis PiedrabuenaArgentina
SA34Trelew Aeroclub AirportTrelewArgentina
SA35Andalgalá AirportAndalgaláArgentina
SA36Saladillo AirportSaladilloArgentina
SA38Las Lajas AirportLas LajasArgentina