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ICAONameMunicipalityCountryIata Code
SA39Jujuy Aeroclub AirportSan Salvador de JujuyArgentina
SA40San Juan Aeroclub AirportSan JuanArgentina
SA42Santa Maria AirportSanta MariaArgentina
SA44Londres/Belén AirportLondres/BelénArgentina
SA45Frias AirportFriasArgentina
AYBKBuka AirportBuka IslandPapua New GuineaBUA
AYCHChimbu AirportKundiawaPapua New GuineaCMU
AYDUDaru AirportDaruPapua New GuineaDAU
AYGAGoroka AirportGoronkaPapua New GuineaGKA
AYGNGurney AirportGurneyPapua New GuineaGUR