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ICAONameMunicipalityCountryIata Code
AYGRGirua AirportPopondettaPapua New GuineaPNP
AYHKKimbe AirportHoskinsPapua New GuineaHKN
AYKMKerema AirportKeremaPapua New GuineaKMA
AYKVKavieng AirportKaviengPapua New GuineaKVG
AYMDMadang AirportMadangPapua New GuineaMAG
AYMHMount Hagen Kagamuga AirportMount HagenPapua New GuineaHGU
AYMNMendi AirportPapua New GuineaMDU
AYMOMomote AirportPapua New GuineaMAS
AYNZLae Nadzab AirportNadzabPapua New GuineaLAE
AYPYPort Moresby Jacksons International AirportPort MoresbyPapua New GuineaPOM