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ICAONameMunicipalityCountryIata Code
AYTKTokua AirportTokuaPapua New GuineaRAB
AYVNVanimo AirportPapua New GuineaVAI
AYWDWapenamanda AirportPapua New GuineaWBM
AYWKWewak International AirportWewakPapua New GuineaWWK
UBBLLenkoran AirportLenkoranAzerbaijan
UB12Nasosnaya Air BaseNasosnayaAzerbaijan
UB13Stepanakert Air BaseStepanakertAzerbaijan
UB14Kyurdamir Air BaseKyurdamirAzerbaijan
UB16Belokany AirportBelokanyAzerbaijan
UB18Baku Kala Air BaseBakuAzerbaijan