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ICAONameMunicipalityCountryIata Code
UG11Dollyar Air BaseDollyarAzerbaijan
LB11Tsalapita AirportTsalapitaBulgaria
LB13Radomir Dolni Rakovets AirfieldRadomirBulgaria
LBHSUzundzhovo Air BaseHaskovoBulgaria
LBMGGabrovnitsa Air BaseGabrovnitsaBulgaria
LBTGBukhovtsi AirfieldTargovishteBulgaria
LBSLSliven AirfieldSlivenBulgaria
LB18Tenevo AirportTenevoBulgaria
LB19Zimnitsa AirportZimnitsaBulgaria
LBSDDobroslavtsi Air BaseSofiaBulgaria