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ICAONameMunicipalityCountryIata Code
EBSN'S Gravenvoeren heliport'S GravenvoerenBelgium
EBAS's Gravenwezel heliportSchildeBelgium
OM-0004(Under Construction)Al MuladdahOman
PK-0001(Under construction) New Islamabad International AirportIslamabadPakistan
46TE02 Ranch AirportAlpineUnited States
TN41100 Aker Wood AirportSpring CityUnited States
WA541001 Fourth Avenue Plaza HeliportSeattleUnited States
TE5611 Tv Dallas HeliportDallasUnited States
48IN123 Arcom HeliportIndianapolisUnited States
EPMI12th Air BaseMirosławiecPoland